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Consultation Fees

Consultation fees are payable at the end of your consultation. You will be informed of the cost at the time of booking your consultation. In most instances there will be a portion of your consultation fee, which will not be covered by Medicare.

The rebate from Medicare for eligible patients is $72.75 for the first consultation and $36.55 for each subsequent consultation. We utilise Medicare direct debit process; once the consult has been logged with Medicare you will receive a rebate within 24 hours.

Surgical Fees


Fees for surgical procedures and operations in most instances are partially covered by Medicare and your Private Health Insurance. Generally Medicare and your private health insurance will pay for a substantial part of the surgical fee, but in many cases there will be a GAP. A quote covering the proposed fees will be issued after you have discussed the details of the procedure with Dr Low.

If there is a problem with these fees please don’t hesitate to have a chat to our friendly administration staff.


We will provide you the contact details for the anaesthetist so a quote can be sought for their fees.

Surgical Assistant

In some instances an assistant is required to perform your procedure. The fee for the assistant is generally no more than 20% of the surgeon’s fees.


If during a procedure an anatomical pathology has to be sent away, there may be a small out of pocket expense for this to be processed.

Public Patient

If you wish to have your procedure in the public health system, Dr Kenny Low also provides public services as a visiting Urologist at Lismore Base Hospital, Ballina District Hospital and Casino Memorial Hospital. Should you elect to be admitted as a public patient in a Public hospital, you are not given the option of choosing your preferred doctor and your operation may be performed by a Registrar or Fellow training in this field of expertise. There would be no out of pocket expense for your surgical procedure.